Janice Myers has a background of art textiles, she exhibits widely throughout the Southwest of England and has had work in exhibitions in Angers, France and Szombathy, Hungary. Her mainly 3D creations vary in size from 20x20 cms to relatively large installations. More recently Janice has also been creating abstract paintings.
janice at work
For the last 12 years she has been experimenting and exhibiting work using mainly unconventional materials such as plastics, polythenes and plastic tubing which she colours and some are fused. Also used is rubber, metals, wire and found items of plastic. Hand stitching is generally worked with fishing line, wire or strips of polythene and a computerised sewing machine is often used for other details. Recycled materials feature strongly and Janice delights in using plastic items that others discard or disregard. In design, elements of the abstract are combined with the recognisable, so that a hint of the “story” behind the piece is there for the viewer to see. Since 2009 Janice has also been painting and these are abstract and usually using acrylics.